Frequently Asked Questions

Xyla Water is a global impact venture aimed at solving global water problems through innovation, education, collaborations and grassroot projects. Xyla is currently working with MIT to create extremely low cost filters to help the most underprivileged in the society have access to clean drinking water. The filter needs no electricity, utilizes plant tissue xylem to filter water. It costs less than 3 dollars and is aimed towards the low income families in developing countries. Xyla also works to spread awareness and education on water and sanitation in low income communities and schools.

The Xyla Water filter is designed utilising the natural plant tissue xylem. Xylem is a porous tissue in plants that conducts fluids throughout the plant body. This property has been tested on several species of plants and certain species of pine trees were found to be the best. When treated in a special manner with water and alcohol a small filter made from this pine tree can reject more than 99.9% of bacteria and protozoa. No electricity, no power, no complicated raw materials required.

We are working closely with MIT team who developed this technology to commercialise this and bring it to market.

The filter consists of two main parts, a tube and a screw on/screw off the cartridge. The cartridges are basically the filter and one cartridge can filter up to 60-80 liters with a flow rate of 3 liters per hour. It filters 99.99% of Bacteria. Xyla’s water filter is capable of filtering 4800 liters a year for a meager cost of $10 for a year — enough water for a family of seven. The upfront cost for the basic filter? Only $3!

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Xyla is currently working with MIT to brainstorm on designs of this filter suitable for the developing countries. At the same time our team is working hard to spread awareness about water and sanitation to underprivileged communities.

If you are passionate to solve water related problems in your local community or globally, Xyla is the place to start. Xyla is currently building a huge global network of Global water leaders who can help solve global water issues thorough tangible grassroots projects. If this excites you, drop us a note.

Xyla has been reached out by a lot of people who face several water related issues in their local communities. We are currently working to build a process that will enable us to help more people in diverse communities. If you have local issues or problems that you want to solve, reach out to us.