Xyla Water and Taabir’s Hygiene and Sanitation Mission

We collaborated with Taabir in Lahore, Pakistan, who have been spearheading a 10-week educational program in the Government Elementary School on Burki Road. Xyla Water conducted a two-day Health, Clean Water and Sanitation Workshop at this school on the 12th and 14th of April. The workshop gave us an opportunity to teach students from Grade 2-4 about waterborne diseases, responsible use of water, and the importance of health and hygiene. We were able to inculcate best practices and carry out interactive water treatment activities so these young children can influence each other as well as educate their family members by spreading the word.

We recruited and trained 15 interns to teach four classes of about 25-30 children each, and designed a complete child-friendly WASH curriculum for our workshops. The workshops were in Urdu and the format consisted of graphic presentations, animated videos and educational comic posters, which were effective in teaching our young students. Our interns were trained to maintain an interactive teach-quiz-review format for the lessons, where children were incentivised through small giveaways. Through teaching them how to do self hygiene management and carrying out group hand-washing activities, we imparted important life skills education and good hygiene behaviours. Seeing is believing, so we also carried out demonstrations of key water treatment techniques such as decanting, filtering and boiling, which the children particularly enjoyed as they were able to visually see what they had learnt.

We ended the workshop with a ukulele performance by one of our interns, where the students joined in the courtyard to sing patriotic songs. The students then took an oath to apply their learnings to practice and make a concentrated effort to maintain hygiene and practice responsible use of water. They were encouraged to positively influence hygiene practices in their homes, among family members and amongst each other so they remain healthy and perform better in school.